Baby girl style tips for special occasions

Welcoming your little girl to the world as either a first-time mom or first-time mom to a little girl, is very special. You’ll want to show her off to the world.

How to style your little girl ready for special occasions

With all the clothing items available to choose from, you can never go wrong by choosing a gorgeous little dress for your baby girl to wear on special occasions. Whether in bright pinks or more calmer tones like white and shimmering grey, make sure to choose one that has an added touch of something special like glittery and soft toulle, frilly but comfy lace or other stunning features like patches of sequins or glitter.

Hair accessories like Alice bands, ribbons and delicate and pretty little clips go a long way to making sure your little girl is looking her Sunday best. Whether she has a lot of a hair or not, a cute little Alice band with dazzling detail will sit pretty on her head, with or without hair.
Styling your little girl’s hair does not need to be a painful or time-consuming affair. Take a basic hairstyle, like a ponytail, to the next level by tying a pretty ribbon or a cute pom pom around her itty-bitty ponytail. If she has very little hair, simply clip on a dainty bow on a small patch of her hair. A petite hair band is also a great option to make your girl look super cute.

The right accessory does wonders for any outfit, including your cute little princess. Step it up for occasions by choosing a detailed bib to not only keep her clean but also adorable. Pair socks with delicate details and trims, with stunning shoes to pull off the cutest outfit for a special outing.

Browse our range of little girls clothing here to make your outfit picks for both occasion and everyday wear.

Images: Gallo Images