Paying your bills at Ackermans is easy

Convenient shopping allows you to spend your time effectively, doing all the things you need to do, easily and quickly. When you shop at any Ackermans store in South Africa, you can now pay a variety of different bills, quickly, easily and for free. Now that’s what we call convenient.

Here are the types of bills you can pay at Ackermans:

Subscription service payments and financial services
Pay your DStv subscription fee, SABC TV licence, loan payments, make cross-border payments and financial services.

Travel payments: Intercape, Translux & City to City bus tickets
Book a bus seat and pay for it along with the rest of your shopping items.

Municipal payments: Major municipalities
Why queue for what can feel like hours at the municipality offices when you can simply pay at Ackermans?

Debt collectors: Creditworx & Nimble Collection Services
Sort out your finances with the greatest of convenience at your local Ackermans cashier.

Online order payments: Zando
Want to pair your Ackermans classics with some Zando fashions? Complete your shopping experience in one easy swipe.

Here’s how to pay your bills

Step 1: Give your bill with a Pay@ or EasyPay logo to the cashier.

Step 2: The cashier will verify your details.

Step 3: The cashier will inform you of the amount due.

Step 4: Pay the amount due in cash or with a debit or credit card. You cannot pay your bill using your Ackermans Account card.

Each bill provider has its own terms and conditions, which you are bound to. You’ll receive a receipt of payment to keep for future reference.

Did you know that you can also send money anywhere in South Africa? Here’s how. 

Images: Gallo Images.