How to take care of knitwear

Knitwear season is around the corner. Here’s how to take care of your favourite knitted garments, like ponchos, jerseys, cardigans and scarves.

• Do not over-wash it
Unlike most of your other clothing items, your knitwear doesn’t need to be washed after each wear. Instead, it’s recommended that you only wash it after three to five wears, unless the item is visibly in need of a wash, of course.

• Follow the washing instruction
If the label says do not machine wash, then it’s best to follow the garment care advice and either wash it by hand or send to the dry cleaners. Machine washing knitwear that is not meant to be machine washed, will cause the garment to become loose and out of shape, or it might shrink.

• Do not drip-dry wet knitwear
To stop wet garments from stretching and loosening, do no hang your jerseys on the washing line. Rather lay it flat on a clean surface and allow it to dry.

How to maintain your knitwear

• Removing bobbles
Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your knitwear, bobbles or “bolletjies”, somehow form on your favourite items. To remove them, take an old shaving stick and “shave” the bobbles away. Be careful to not use a new sharp blade as this may damage the garment.

• Storing your knitwear
To avoid stretching and loss of shape, fold and pack away your knitwear neatly, instead of hanging it in the wardrobe. If you absolutely must hang it, fold the garment in half before hanging it.

• Itchy knitwear
To take the itch out of new and scratchy knitwear, soak the item for a while in cold water and fabric softener. An hour should do the trick.

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