How to boost your toddler’s confidence

Boosting your toddler’s confidence is a big step towards ensuring that they will make the most of this very important life stage. According to Facts For Life Global, the toddler years are a crucial phase for a child’s development because it is the foundation for their linguistic, cognitive, social, emotional and motor development.

Here’s how to boost your toddler’s confidence

Create and follow a routine for your child
Toddlers love routine because it lets them know what to expect, and when they know what to expect, the world is a less scary place and they become confident about their surroundings. Some routines you could put place in your child’s life include making sure that their breakfast, lunch, bath, nap, and bed times are roughly around the same time each day.

Encourage playtime
Playing is how children learn, so allow plenty of playtimes throughout the day. Even when it sometimes looks like they are being naughty, never forget that what they are doing is out of curiosity. It is better to guide your little one’s curiosity than to stop it.

Help them get it right
Whether your little one is struggling to place a puzzle piece or to balance their building blocks, it’s important that you are there to help. When a toddler needs you, aim to verbally coach them or cheer them on to solve the problem on their own, instead of doing it for them. This way they can become independent and confident in their abilities to solve future problems.

Use words of affirmation
There is power in the words we speak, especially when it comes to your child. Even though you know you love them, affirm your love with words by telling your little one that you love them. Words of encouragement and celebration, such as “great job” “you can do it” and “I knew you could do it”, lets your child know that you are proud of them and boosts their confidence even more.

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