How to use your phone’s GPS or read a map on your phone

It’s hard to imagine that before GPS (Global Positioning System) devices were invented, you had to rely either on a paper map that required some skill to read, or you had to ask directions from loved ones or even strangers. Now, maps can be accessed from some watches and just about every smartphone. While the most common purpose of using maps is to get directions for when you are driving, did you know that you can use the maps in your smartphone to get directions, even if you are walking? This means if you’re walking and looking for a specific address, you don’t have to rely on directions from strangers but instead let your phone guide you.

Steps to use maps on your phone
1. On your Android phone open the Google Maps app.
2. Type in the address you are looking for.
3. In the bottom right, tap “Directions”.
4. Choose the “Walking” option.
5. To start navigation, tap “Start”. If you see “Searching for GPS,” your phone is trying to get a GPS signal. For example, you might be in or near a tunnel, parking garage, or other location where there’s no GPS signal.
6. To stop or cancel navigation, go to the bottom left and tap “Close”.

You can also use your maps for other handy options, such as to calculate the time and distance from one place to another and to check whether the car or taxi you are in is on a route with heavy traffic or not.

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Source: Google Maps

Image Credit: Gallo/Getty