When is your newborn ready to leave the house?

A newborn baby symbolises many wonderful things and many traditions include the belief that a newborn baby must stay indoors for weeks and sometimes even months before they can come out to see the world. There are many reasons behind this practice, many actually based on the fact that a newborn’s immunity isn’t strong yet. But one thing’s for sure, times have changed, especially in new-age parenting, and it’s no longer rare to see a tiny baby out and about with his mom.

What to keep in mind on your baby’s first outing

A newborn that’s been cleared to leave the hospital is ready to go home and meet the world, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they should go out immediately. Unventilated spaces such malls and shopping centres are likely to have airborne viruses that a newborn may struggle to fight against. For this reason, doctors recommend that newborns avoid unventilated spaces until they are at least between six to eight weeks old.
The noise and lights in shopping centres can also be too much stimulation for your little one.
Once you’ve hit the six-week stage, you and baby are ready to see the world.
Keep these tips in mind on your first outing:

Dirty hands have germs that can have terrible results for both adults and children. It’s a good idea to carry a bottle of hand sanitiser in your baby bag and ask excited family and friends to use it if they want to hold your baby.
Also ask them not to kiss your little one, especially on the mouth, as this can easily pass dangerous germs to your baby.

While most babies spend the first few weeks of their lives mostly sleeping, they are still unpredictable. You never know when they might wake up and demand your attention. For this reason, it’s probably not a good idea that your first outing is an appointment that will require your full attention.

Bring along spares
The best kind of baby bag has everything you might need in an emergency. Bring an extra set of everything your baby will need, such as diapers, clothes, dummies and formula (if they are bottle fed).

Plan a short trip
A short outing is perfect for both mom and baby to get a sense of life after labour. An extended outing can easily be tough on you and your baby, so it’s always best to keep outings as short as possible.

Be vigilant
Always keep your baby and your bag in sight. A new mom is often tired because of little sleep. This makes you an easy target for criminals.

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