Fun activities for you and your family

It can be challenging to keep kids entertained during the nationwide lockdown. Here are some fun activities to keep the gang busy.

  • Make your own pizzas with frozen pizza bases and some toppings.
  • Play board games.
  • Check your TV schedule and host a movie night, complete with popcorn and cooldrink.
  • Get baking. Make muffins or cookies and let the kids ‘help’.
  • Re-enact bedtime stories.
  • Let them make lunch – give them cookie cutters to create crafty sandwiches or arrange sliced up veggies in different shapes. It teaches them about doing things for themselves and doubles up as a fun indoor activity.
  • Play! Switch off the TV and re-discover books, puzzles, old toys or everyday items.
  • Pack a picnic basket (sandwiches, water, cooldrinks and a few snacks) and host the picnic right outside your home or indoors.
  • Set up a canvas and let your little ones paint. Then place their completed artwork in a special place where everyone can admire it. They will be super-proud if you display it.
  • Get their creative juices flowing– with a little paint, paper and glue an empty toilet paper roll can soon be a zebra, flower, serviette ring or even a superhero! Here are some more ideas.
  • Get them gardening – growing plants and getting your hands dirty is great fun and educational.


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