Colours trending now

With the colder weather settling in, we’ve highlighted a couple of colour trends that will level up your winter pallet and get you inspired. Use them as the star of your outfit or as an accent, it’s so easy to introduce them into your wardrobe.


If you are looking for a pop of colour, then ochre is a great idea. Pair it with neutral colours such as beige, black, white and even grey. Dark skinned ladies, this shade looks amazing on your skin tone!

Navy blue, Emerald green and purple

These gorgeous, jewel hues are set to dominate everywhere. Purple represents royalty and can instantly make you look luxurious. The rich blue adds sophistication and it’s really the most versatile colour to have as it goes with virtually any colour combo. Green injects freshness into any outfit.

Blue and green are analogous colours, located next to each other on the colour wheel.  Colour block them or wear them as accents, as they pair well together naturally.

Find some of our favourite green and blue pieces here.

Salmon pink

This peachy shade of pink is more grown up and elegant than the bright pink you were well acquainted with in your childhood. Pair this pink with denim blues, whites and greys.

Also check out our skin tone chart here to find out what which colours suit you best.