Choose the right Premio phone for you

Looking for that perfect new device? Ackermans Premio Smartphones suit a variety of different lifestyles, so use our handy guide to decide which one is ideal for you. Just read the questions below, choose the one that best describes you, then see the corresponding answer at the bottom.


  1. Are you on a tight budget but looking for a phone that’s reliable and efficient? Or maybe you have a child and want to get them their first phone ? See A.


  1. Always on the go so need a phone that can balance business and pleasure? Love listening to music, browsing social media and playing the occasional game? Then see B.


  1. Looking to be the next big thing on Instagram? Is your selfie game on point? Need a camera that takes the best pics and gives you ultimate control, as well as a phone that lets you keep in touch with all your social media peeps? See C.


  1. Are you young, trendy and professional and want to stand out in a hi-tech, corporate environment? Is looking cool of ultimate importance to you? Do you need a phone that offers the very best performance? Then see D.


  1. Are you all about style and substance, love looking great but also expect the best performance from your phone, including a big screen and excellent camera? Is value for money of huge importance? See E.

A   Premio P420


The Premio P420 is the perfect entry level smartphone, costing on R549.00. The P420 also doubles as an ideal secondary phone, if for example, you were going on a hiking trip and don’t want to risk losing an expensive new phone. And parents looking for an entry-level device for young children may find this the perfect option.

B   Premio P541


The Premio P541 is a smart choice if you’re after a low-cost handset with a big display, premium design and high-quality snapping power, as the device will comes in at an affordable R949.00 The back facing dual-lens camera offers both 5MP and 2MP lenses, giving you more control in the shots you take, while the 5MP front-facing camera ensures those close-up portrait shots deliver where it counts.

C   Premio AXE


What’s great about the Premio AXE is that at the affordable price of R1099 you get a stylish smartphone with a long-lasting battery, fingerprint scanner, 5MP back camera and 2MP front camera, along with a great screen.

D   Premio P620


The P710 is geared towards the young professional who looking to stand out in a hi-tech, corporate environment. With its large 6’inch screen, the versatile P620 looks as good in the boardroom as it does in a trendy coffee hotspot in town. It doesn’t skimp on the power either, running Android Go, a modified version of Android which gives you streamlined versions of the latest and most powerful apps and a 3300mAh battery. And at only R1299, it’s a steal!

E  Premio X1 


Smart and chic, the Premio X1 has a lot of power as well as a 5.5-inch screen (a must) and a dual-lens camera, bringing it in line with some of the best phones in the market. And it also uses the latest version of Android Oreo. Its modest price range, only R1499.00, makes it even more desirable.

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