How to beat the weaning blues

When you stop breast-feeding (weaning), your body has to adjust as it prepares to shut down your milk supply. This process comes with its own set of challenges. Here’s what to expect and how to cope:


  • After you take a bath or shower, use a cold compress, such as ice wrapped in a cloth, and massage it gently on your breasts.
  • With your hand or expressing device, empty out just enough milk to relieve the pressure. Do not breastfeed your child to the point that they empty out your breasts completely. Doing so will send messages to your body to produce even more milk.


  • Wear a firm, comfortable bra and avoid lace or other materials that may cause skin irritation and add to the discomfort.
  • In extreme cases of swelling and pain, consult a pharmacist about a mild pain medication to take for inflammation and pain.


  • Wear breast pads in your bra so that they can soak up any leakage. Be sure to change the pads regularly. At bedtime, place a towel on your bed to soak up leaks that might happen while you sleep.
  • Always leave the house with a spare top to change into, just in case a leak becomes visible or uncomfortable.


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