5 Tips for a Busy Mom

Here’s what you can do to seize the day!

Planning is Key

From the big things like planning your homework routine with your child, to smaller tasks like working out your weekly menu, knowing what comes next and having a schedule goes a long way to make you feel calmer and in control.

Work Smart

Some tasks like cooking can be tweaked to work twice as hard. For example, cooking double portions can equal leftovers for the next day – better yet, you can freeze and defrost a week later.

Set Reminders

Whether you have sticky notes on the fridge, a to-do list next to your work space or calendar entries on your phone, writing down important reminders goes a long way to help you to remember some of your most important tasks.

Delegate/Ask for help.

They say two hands are better than one, so rope in your child to help make your household run as efficiently as possible. One way to get a teenager to get their chores done super quick is to reward them with something enticing like airtime, data or even permission to go out.

Take Time Out

While running around taking care of everyone around you, never forget to put yourself on the list. Self-care can be anything from making sure you get enough sleep, to making time to do things only for you. A solo movie date, a nail appointment or even sitting down to read a book – these are a few ways to reward and reinvigorate yourself.

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