WhatsApp 101

Chances are you belong to a number of different WhatsApp groups, from your child’s classroom WhatsApp Group to your neighbourhood group, church group, family group, or even a work WhatsApp group. Don’t be that annoying person that has everyone else in the group gritting their teeth in irritation. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to be a great WhatsApp group member and how to deal if you’re stuck in a WhatsApp group you can’t manage to exit.

Tip 1.  Keep in mind the purpose of the group and stick to the topic.

If it’s a church group, sharing info on road closures or even the weather is definitely not a good idea.

Tip 2. Get to The Point.

Getting a lot of messages (spam) is something most WhatsApp users complain about. To avoid being guilty of this, consider sending your message in one go. Greet and get straight to the point of your message.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget – You’re in a Group!

If you find yourself chatting a lot more with one person in the group and the chats are not beneficial to other group members, consider taking the conversation off the group and to your private messages.

Tip 4. Night-time Chats

Unless it’s an emergency, try not to WhatsApp very late into the night. No one wants to be woken up from sleep for a meme (even a very funny one).

Tip 5. Be Honest (if you can)

Want to leave the group? Consider politely excusing yourself from the group. You’d be surprised how understanding they might be if you let them know you are leaving the group to focus on exams or are taking a social media detox.

Tip 6. If All Else Fails – Mute!

If you can’t leave the group, consider muting the group. That way you won’t get instant notifications throughout the day. Just remember to prioritise checking in to catch up on any important chats.

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