What is your denim style

We all wear jeans right? But did you know the way you wear denim says a lot about your style? Find out how different ‘fashion tribes’ wear this versatile fashion item. 

Girly & flirty

This girl puts the ‘fem’ in femme fatal. Her killer looks are sexy, feminine and romantic. You are Girly & Flirty if:

  • Skinny jeans are a denim staple in your wardrobe.
  • You have perfected the art of wearing your jeans with your most glamorous heels and jewellery.
  • Kea from The Queen, Bonang and the Kardashians are the blueprint to your style!
  • Pink is one of your favourite colours.
  • Your friends always ask you for hair, fashion and beauty tips.

Western & Boho   

Cowboys and hippies are muses to her contemporary wardrobe. Your style can be described as Western & Basic if:

  • Peasant tops and straight-leg jeans are the perfect outfit for you.
  • You can be spotted wearing denim on denim, a belt with a huge buckle and a flannel shirt on any given day.
  • You can give Vanessa Hudgens and Zoë Kravitz styling tips.
  • You take a natural approach to your beauty look.
  • You somehow manage to make bandanas look good when tied as a scarf and on your handbag.

Sporty & Basic

Sport lux, athleisure and minimalism can all be used to describe this cool-girl style. You are Sporty & Basic if:

  • You love an oversized denim jacket, sportwear as casualwear and sneakers.
  • You have a solid capsule wardrobe made up of all classic basics a woman needs.
  • Swapping closets with the likes of Bella Hadid, Nadia Jaftha and Hailey Bieber would make you a very happy girl.
  • You have an effortless approach to fashion and believe that less is more.
  • Carefree, spontaneous living are made possible with the help of your stylish-yet-functional wardrobe.

Retro & Eclectic   

You fully understand that fashion repeats itself and because of that, your retro style makes you look ahead of the gang. You are Retro & Eclectic if:

  • You can count Audrey Hepburn, Brenda Fassie and Marilyn Monroe as your style icons.
  • High-waisted mom jeans are your favourite style to wear.
  • You enjoy mixing and matching prints.
  • You love old music and movies.
  • You march to the beat of your own drum and do things because you want to and inspire your friends to be their true authentic selves.

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