Style me famous: Zynoneesa’s makeover

Mother of three Zynoneesa Nicolaas (29), from Worcester, graces the pages in our latest issue. Her touching story on how her daughter became a cancer survivor won us over and ultimately made her our February 2019 makeover winner.

In our interview, she told us she wants to emulate the laid-back, elegant style of Gabrielle Union. Here’s how we gave this deserving woman a Hollywood-worthy makeover.

Colour blocking  

Pick a brightly coloured ladylike dress with a classic shoe in a bold hue to master colour blocking in a sophisticated way.

Gabrielle Union loves bold colour combinations.  We chose two cool shades to complete Zynoneesa’s colour-block outfit.


A midi-denim dress is an easy way to inject elegance. Keen to learn new ways to wear denim? Then check out this post. We love this because it’s perfect for both casual and formal events.


Fun print 

A floral top takes a jeans-and-tee look to the next level. There is no denying that  Gabrielle loves to play around with fun prints.

Ladylike tailoring 

Nothing beats a high-waisted midi skirt and a classic blouse. This ladylike silhouette is always a winner, and is an ideal look for work as well as church. We’ve put together some amazing suggestions for church outfits, see them here.

Unsurprisingly, this feature is prominent in the starlet’s wardrobe. We love this look on Zynoneesa.


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Image Credit: Gallo images/Getty images

Makeover Photography: Shavan Rahim/NMP