Go for your goals in 2020 with twenty-twenty vision!

Twenty-twenty vision means being able to see with great clarity. Now is a better time than ever to apply great vision and clarity to your goals!
Whether you like to believe in the idea of New Year’s resolutions or not, the truth is we all have goals we wish to achieve. Goals do not have to be set strictly for the beginning of the year only­ – you can decide any time when to set and when to reach your goals.

Goals come in many forms. Short-term goals can take you anything from a couple of weeks or up to two months to achieve. Medium-term goals can be set and achieved in a couple of months or up to three years. Long-term goals, on the other hand, are those future goals that can take from three years or more to achieve. It’s all up to you to decide on the terms that suit you!

 Setting clear goals

When setting a goal, it’s important to describe it clearly so that you can understand whether the goal is reasonable and achievable. It’s also important to put a time frame on a goal so that you can track your progress. Here are some examples of setting clear and measurable goals that might apply to you.

Short-term family goals

Instead of “I’ll spend more times with my family” refine the goal so that it’s clear and measurable:
“I will spend 30 minutes playing or chatting with my children every Saturday and Sunday.”

Medium-term health goals

Instead of a generic goal like ” I will be healthy” , define the goal exactly with details such as
“I will drink eight glasses of water each day.” Or “I will go for a 20-minute walk three times a week.”

Long-term financial goals

Financial goals need a lot more planning and commitment. To achieve financial goals, be clear on on your budget and the methods you will be using such as:
“I will save and invest (insert specific amount) every month by joining a stokvel.” Or “I will save for my children’s education by opening an educational policy before the end of the month.”

Whatever you decide, remember to use twenty-twenty vision so that you are able to see with great clarity. Stick to your plan and check in on it often. It’s the sure-fire way to achieving your goals!

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