Contouring and highlighting for beginners.

Scroll through any social media feed and you will find celebs and make-up influencers alike showing you how to achieve the right contouring technique. With all the information out there, it can easily become overwhelming. Thankfully this make-up trend is not as tricky as it seems.

Follow our basic contouring steps to achieve a simple contour.

You will need:

1. Foundation (In order to contour you need two products. One is for highlighting and the other to contour. For highlighting choose a foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. To contour pick a colour that is two shades darker than your skin tone. You can also use two shades of concealer, if you do not have 2 shades of foundation.
2. Blending brush or sponge
3. Ackermans highlighter stick
4. Optional: Setting spray or translucent powder

Step1: Foundation

When choosing a foundation, remember to choose one that matches your skin tone as well as a darker shade. A good guide for the darker shade is to match the shade to the dent under your cheekbones.

On a clean hydrated face, start by applying your everyday foundation to create a clean canvas. Next apply the lighter shade of your foundation to underneath your eyes. Followed by applying the same shade, down the centre of your nose, on your cupids bow and finish off on the centre of your chin.

Step 2: Define

Next, take the darker shade and apply just below the apples of your cheeks (the hollow part of your cheekbones) On your hair line, just below your jaw line , this will define your face and on either side of your chin where you have applied the lighter foundation.

Dark skinned ladies concentrate on highlighting more as dark skin already has natural shadows. Highlighting more will accentuate your features.

Step 3: Blend

Seamlessly disperse and contour with a damp beauty blender. The secret is to blend, blend blend! (Until the product appears natural).

Tip: You can also dip the blending sponge in some moisturiser, this will even out any dry blotches on the skin.

Step 4: Highlight

Define your features even more by applying some Ackermans highlighter to your cheekbone and cupids bow to create dimension.

Step 5 : Complete the look

Finish your look with blusher on the apples of your cheeks and a lipstick for the perfect pout and setting spray or translucent powder to keep your glow all day long.
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Photographer: Shavaan/ NMP
Model: Latoya/Grace Models
H&M: Stacy Robin
Copy: Chernelle Wilson