How to wear denim in 2019

Denim, denim, denim. We just cannot get enough of it! Everybody loves a good denim item. Dress them up or down – denim is the one versatile item you’ll wear all year round. This season we are rocking our denim love with moonbags, bright colours and even layering it up.


DO layer over your denim dress. Take a cue from content creater and blogger Juanita Abrahams and layer a jacket or jersey over your denim dress. We love this because it takes your look to the next level by adding texture and colour.

DON’T layer too much as it can make you appear frumpy.

Moon bag

DO try out the moon bag. The moon bag, fanny pack or belt bag – whatever you prefer calling it – is back in fashion with a bang! We love how this bag allows us to live our best hands-free life. Wear it across your chest like content creater Twiggy Moli does or put it on the waistband of your jeans.

DON’T add another bold accessory if you are rocking a bright moon bag. This can make your outfit look messy.

Denim skirt

DO rock the denim skirt in a new way. The denim skirt has been a wardrobe staple since the 1970s. We have worn the denim skirt in a multitude of ways. This season we are going back to our roots and wearing it in a 70s-inspired way. From paperbag waists to high-waisted cuts, we have so much to choose from. Pair it with metallic ankle boots and ruffled satin tops, like Youtuber Ada Oguntudo, who definitely gets it right with her denim skirt ensemble.

Dress it up with a crisp white shirt or T-shirt and a pair of pointy heels. For when you mean business, add a structured blazer.

Whatever your denim personality may be, we have something for you.