5 Easy Post-Holiday Detox Tips

Here’s how to detox after the holiday’s festivities.

Holidays are all about family, community and sharing – and indulging in all that fabulous food. But when the holidays are over, our jeans don’t quite fit anymore. A good way to get rid of that extra kilo or two is a detox to rid your body of unhealthy toxins. Small lifestyle changes like these are even easy enough for the kids to join in.

Try these easy tips:

1 Stay hydrated

Start each day with a glass of water plus the juice of half of a lemon. Or add a few slices of lemon if you prefer.

2 Exercise

Commit to at least 30 minutes a day of exercise – try walking or a slow run. Sweating help your body get rid of toxins.

3 Cut out the sugar

Besides the obvious sources of sugar like sweets and sugar in your coffee or tea, be careful of hidden sugars in fruit juices and sauces. Always read labels on foods to help avoid hidden sugar. Cutting out sugar helps with weight loss, and gives you more energy and an overall better complexion.

4 Fill up on fibre

It keeps you fuller for longer, reduces cravings and helps lower cholesterol. Try fresh fruit and vegetables, peas, beans, wholewheat bread and wholewheat breakfast cereals.

5 Eat regularly

Keep your metabolism going by eating five to six small meals every two to three hours, rather than three large meals per day. Eat nourishing meals that contain healthy fats, such as avocados, protein, such as skinless chicken, and low GI carbohydrates, such as lentils, beans and fruit. 

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