Sunshine Chic

Yellow is having a huge moment in fashion and beauty right now. From yellow eye shadow to yellow heels, there is always a way to add a little sunshine to your step.The Sunshine Chic look will make you stand out in a crowd of brown and black outfits this autumn. 

Choosing the right shade of yellow

It is no secret that yellow looks amazing on darker skin tones but did you know that your undertones play a big role in making you look good in it?

Those with cooler undertones should opt for lemon, neon yellow and even greenish yellows.
If you have a warmer skintone, you can get away with warm golden yellows, like mustard and marigold. Learn more about skin tones and skin undertones

Styling your look

Yellow is such a bold colour, you definitely want it to shine. Pair it with a cool pair of jeans and a dark or light coloured neutral top. This ensures that the yellow is balanced out. Yellow with white looks crisp and sophisticated for day time. Pair it with a darker colour for night time.

If you have a yellow jersey, top or jacket, then try pairing it with an item that has a touch of yellow in its print, such as a dress or a skirt.

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