5 ways to get kids to eat fruit

Struggling to get your kids to eat fruit? Try these tips and tricks:

Ice it

Make fruit lollies – the kids won’t even know they’re eating fruit! Puree fruits like bananas and peaches. Then freeze them in sucker mould. You can make your own sucker mould by using an ice cube tray. Once the puree is starting to get solid, place a toothpick in each cube. Then place it back in the freezer. Empty yoghurt containers also work well. You can put a sucker stick in each once the puree gets solid. TIP You can add some yoghurt or fruit juice to the mixture for extra flavour.

Picture it

Arrange the cut fruit on a plate in the shape of a funny face or picture. For example, bananas for the mouth, grapes for eyes and so on.

Juice it

Get the kids to help make their own fruit juice. For example, teach them to squeeze the juice out of oranges. They’ll have fun and will be excited to drink juice they made themselves. TIP Roll the oranges on a hard surface before you cut them in half. This makes it easier to get all the juice out.

Spread it

Spread peanut butter on slices of apple. This is a delicious snack that also gives them some protein. TIP To get them to eat carrots, cut the carrots into sticks and let them dip it in spreads or cottage cheese. Make your own dipping sauce by mixing plain yoghurt or cottage cheese with some mayonnaise, chutney and tomato sauce.

Smooth it

Help them make fruits smoothies. They can help you peel and cut the fruit. Then put it in a blender and add some yogurt or fruit juice. You can also add a few ice cubes to turn the smoothie into a slushy, like at the movies! Let them turn on the blender – the blending adds to the fun. TIP Seasonal fruits are usually cheaper and easily available.

Find out which fruits and veggies are in season.

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