It’s the festive season again!

Add some cheer around your festive table with these fun and gorgeous DIY decor and gift ideas. 


Blow it up
Balloons are easy to find, inexpensive and there’s a whole lot you can do with them. One way is to create a garland with balloon in colours of your choice, some flowers or a soft tree branch, tie together and arrange either on the celling, on the wall or around the table! For a classic look, only use white balloons.

Spell it out
Welcome your guests with a whole lot of glitz by creating a banner that spells out something festive, like ‘Merry Christmas’, or go for something traditional such as ‘Khumalo Christmas 2018’! All you need is some pretty glittery paper. Stencil or print the letters and hang up the banner as you wish.


Help them read
This bookmark is a great gift for bookworms, your school-going child or their favourite teacher. Measure and cut some cardboard, cover with fabric of your choice (unused fabric in the house or cut from an old dress/denims), stick on the cardboard using glue and decorate with a bow or pretty string.

Help them save
Challenge your loved one to save and help them do it with this DIY piggy bank made from a recycled jar. Decorate it, cut a slot for coins and half fill it with some coins to help them along.

*Don’t forget to wrap up your gifts with festive wrapping paper and top up your gift bags with yummy treats and sweets from your nearest Ackermans.

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