Keeping your little ones cool

The summer weather means lots of fun times out in the sun with family and friends. But always remember to keep the little ones cool. Here are some tips.

Drink up!

The most important thing is to keep everyone hydrated. When you sweat, your body loses moisture, so you need to drink lots of fluids when it is hot. So ensure you take enough water and cooldrinks. Pack them in a cooler bag to keep them nice and cool.

Keep baby cool

For a baby

  • When your baby is on your back, use a lightweight cotton receiving blanket, not thick towels, to cover their head.
  • When you’re on the beach or at a swimming pool, let your baby sit or sleep on a big towel or blanket under the umbrella or in the shade. A baby’s skin is too sensitive to be in direct sunlight. Keep checking to make sure they isn’t sweating too much.


Safety tip

If your baby seems overheated, move to a cool place immediately, give them cooled boiled water and sponge them down.

For little ones

  • Clothes should be cool, lightweight cotton. Try our soft and breathable cotton babygrows ranging from 0 to 12 months.
  • Swimwear should offer UV protection.
  • Hats should have a wide brim to cover the head and protect the eyes and little neck – a cap is not sufficient. Make sure your pram offers enough shade to shield your baby from the sun.
  • Shoes need to be comfortable with thick, soft soles. The Ackermans My First Steps range is perfect for toddlers who don’t like the feel of the sand.


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Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images