Summer Candy

Let your wardrobe be the sweetest thing about you this summer. With an explosion of pastel colours, stripes are about to be so much fun!

This is such a bold look and wearing colourful stripes can easily look clown-like. But we have gathered some styling tips to help you nail this look.

Take note of the least dominant colour of the striped print. The least dominant colour can be brought out more in other parts of your outfit. For example, if you have a bit of white in your print, choose a white handbag to complement it.

Keep your hair simple. Wear it in a flattering and feminine style. These summer hairstyles  are quick, stylish and flattering.

Makeup should also be kept to a minimum. Try a bold lip with an otherwise clean face or opt for the dewy-glowy look, which is bang on trend. Get some makeup inspiration. 

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