Frill seeker

Frills have been in fashion since the 17th century. Their peak was in the era of romanticism – 1800 to 1850! Fast forward to 2018 we still are reinventing and parading fashion with frills.

So how does the 21st century woman wear ruffles without looking like she stepped out of a history book? We show you how.

Let them shine

Frills are quite striking and add a certain flair to a look. Nowadays you can find frills on almost any fashion item – from skirts and pants to shoes!
When it comes to styling make sure that your flared garment is the centrepiece. And remember, less is more. Wear simpler, more streamlined garments with your frilled piece. 

Ladylike but urban

Feminine details like frills, pleats, ruching and lace trims are perfect touches to an otherwise masculine or plain garment. Look out for simple garments that have these features – they really take your casual looks to the next level.

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