DIY home decorating

It’s the festive season, which means the stokvel ladies are coming over and your house still has the same look it had the whole year. What to do?

While you’d like to impress your guests with new furnishings to give your humble abode a fresh look, you know full well your festive budget won’t allow for such spending. But worry not, because gone are the days when painting the walls (which costs an arm and a leg) was what you needed for a new look.

We’ll give you a few clever tricks to use that will leave your guests wondering how, just how, did you achieve that oh-so-grand feel without spending a cent?!

Re-arrange the furniture

This might sound unexciting, but don’t underestimate the effect of new surroundings. For example, move your sofas away from the windows, so they don’t block the sunlight. And hang your living room’s curtains a bit higher, because this will make the room look bigger.

Use a large mirror

You know that big mirror you’ve placed in your bedroom for fear of the kids breaking it? Now is the time to bring it into the living room where it will add atmosphere and warmth. A large mirror gives the illusion of depth – making your living room look bigger, plus the reflections of light are an added bonus.

Just throw it … literally

Be it a scarf, a sash or a shawl, we all own a few of these in different colours. Some are hand-me-downs, some have sentimental value, and some are simply the piece that completes your outfit for the day. Now it’s time to hide the wear and tear of your couches with your scarf by turning it into a lovely throw!

With these simple and free tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the festive season and all its jingles and bells without spending a cent.

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Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images.