Picture perfect summer

With a tap on the screen, all those precious moments can last forever. Follow these simple tricks and tips to make sure your holiday memories are picture perfect.

How to take beautiful pictures every time

  • 1 Clean the lens. Wipe your camera lens with a cloth or just the inside of your T-shirt before taking a picture. Dust and lint can make pictures look blurry.
  • 2 Take your pictures without any filters. This ensures your picture is more crisp. You can always edit your picture as you wish afterwards.
  • 3 Keep your hands steady and focus on the subject. Whether you are photographing a plate of food or a person, this rule always applies!
  • 4 Take photos in well-lit areas. Make sure the sun is shining on you when someone takes a pic of you. The photographer must tap on the screen to ensure the lighting isn’t too bright or too dark.
  • 5 Try different angles. Learn which angles you like for yourself and which angles you like for group shots, scenery and objects.


How to make better video clips

  • Once you have perfected the art of taking beautiful pictures, you can make great videos. Follow these rules to take your videos to the next level:
  • Do not cover the microphone.
  • Don’t move too fast – especially from light to dark areas. Turn and tilt your camera slowly in smooth motions.


TIP Save data by taking your pics and videos on your camera and not on a social media app, like Instagram. Load them once you’re connected to WiFi.

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Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images. Sources:, youtube,