4 ways to jumpstart your child’s confidence

Children are by nature hardwired to succeed. First they crawl, then take their first wobbly steps – falling over many times. Yet, they don’t give up and before you know it, their little legs are strong enough and they’re off and running! This proves that every child has the potential to be the very best they can be and it’s up to us to help them get there. Here’s how:

Believe in their potential

Encourage them to do their best at whatever they choose to do, whether it’s trying a new sport or learning to tie their shoelaces.

Celebrate successes

Small successes are just as deserving of celebration as the big ones. For example, make a big deal of the fact that they can write their name and surname without your help. It helps build confidence.

Support them in moving past mistakes

Mistakes… we all make them. Teach them to not only see mistakes as inevitable, but as an opportunity to try harder next time.

Support, don’t push

Your little one may not be the best player in the team, but enjoys the camaraderie of the sport. Don’t stress. What matters is that they are learning valuable social skills like being a team player, getting exercise and most importantly, having fun.

Parenting is tricky. We play a crucial role in what our children end up believing about themselves and what their lives can be. Empowering your child isn’t once-off when they’re young, it’s a journey and helps them progress through life.

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Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images.