Meet our 2018 Style Squad Winners

South Africa’s fashionably bold youth between ages nine and 15 years old put everything into all their challenges to stand a chance to be 2018’s Style Squad winners. In the end two fashionistas proved to be a cut above the rest with their funky designs.

Get to know our winners YOUNG KING & Busi before the launch of their ranges next year.

Activity 1 – Trend report 

In the first round, entrants send in a photograph of themselves rocking an outfit styled by them. They send in the picture with a motivation explaining their outfit choice. The look has to be inspired by a current trend.The successful entrees are posted on our website and the public vote for their favourite.

YOUNG KING’s outfit was a minimalist look with a nod to the Yeezy aesthetic and street culture. His trend name is Minimalism. He describes minimalism as ‘a strong but effortless look that is characterised by its simplicity’. His first look consisted of a grey dad cap, a white field jacket and dark grey sweatpants that exposed his white socks.

Busi’s trend name was Chic style fashion. She interpreted that into an outfit that was a sweet and sporty. Her first outfit consisted of a graphic-print tee, bright distressed jeans, a fedora and sneakers. Her second outfit carried that sports luxe vibe with her pink dress being paired with sneakers. Busi says what makes her style so chic is that it is less casual than most.

Activity 2 – The Refresh

Activity 2 brings the heat with the aspiring designers having to deconstruct an item in their wardrobe to make it more true to who they are.

YOUNG KING went denim crazy by using an old pair of jeans to refabricate a cap.

Busi also used to denim to complete her look. She used her tartan printed denim jeans to add heart cut-out appliqué on her tees. She cleverly disguised the heart-shaped cut-outs on the knees of her jeans with denim strips.

Activity 3 – Pattern Power 

In this round, the young designers have to get really creative and make their own fabric! They have to apply their understanding of texture and print to their design.

YOUNG KING created a fabric that he describes as ‘smooth and satisfying’ with a print similar to honeycombs. He sees this print on a sweater.

Busi included a check print among others in her design suggestions. She pictured this print on a garment accompanying a red bodysuit.

Activity 4 – Dress to Empress 

The entrants who progress to the fourth round become the Style Squad 2018 finalists. In this round they have to produce three show-stopping looks. This year they had to get inspiration from their favourite Disney/Marvel character.

YOUNG KING was inspired by his favourite fiery hero, ‘The Human Torch’, from the Fantastic Fourmovie franchise. His designs featured embroidery and newspaper print.

Busi took inspiration from Mickey Mouse. Her cute designs featured quirky Mickey Mouse motifs.

We look forward to seeing their ranges in stores in June 2019!

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