Lipstick trends: Larger-than-life lips

Fuller lips are all the rage right now.We show you how to plump up your lips in the most easy and inexpensive way. 

Overlining your lips

  1. Pick the right shade. For nude lipsticks or clear gloss, pick a dark brown lip liner. For bright lipsticks ranging from pink and purple to red, pick a lip liner in a darker shade than the lipstick.
  2. Start by shading the corners. The application will be more precise and look more natural when you start from the corners.
  1. Don’t go too far outside your natural lip line.Avoid looking like a clown by lining just above your natural lip liner.
  1. Blend with a lip brush, your finger or a cotton bud for a natural finish.
  1. Fill in with your lipstick.

Tips that make your lips look bigger

  • Clear lip gloss makes your lips shiny and reflects light.
  • Applying a lighter shade of lipstick in the centre of your lips.

Ombré lips

This trend is all about using contrasting colours that fade into each other. Step by step:

  • Apply concealer over your lips to hide their natural colour.
  • Use a dark lip liner to create a line around the edge of your lips as you would normally. Add more of this dark colour lip liner to the corners of your lips and bring this dark colour in towards the middle, stopping around halfway towards the middle of your lips.
  • Apply a pale colour to the middle of your lips.
  • Use your lip brush or a cotton bud to blend the edges of your colours together to create a fading effect.

Fun ombré colour combinations

Red lips with black liner

Pink lips with purple liner

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