Clever tips for WhatsApp

Let’s get tech savvy by learning some WhatsApp tricks.

Hide the fact that you’re ignoring someone

Hiding those double blue ticks will save you from having to explain yourself later with an, ‘Oh, I have been so busy.’
To disable the blue ticks: Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts

Dodge messages guilt-free by hiding ‘last seen’ time

This a must-have setting on WhatsApp, especially for those who have super-talkative friends and family. Your ‘last seen’ can make people feel ignored when you’re still thinking of a response or are forgetful.
Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen, and decide who gets to see when last you were online.

Quote someone

When someone says ‘I never said that!’, but you know they did – simply click on the message they sent and click ‘reply’.

Mute group chat notifications

We all have one or two group chats we want to leave but for whatever reason we can’t seem to get out. Select the name at the top to get the in-message settings menu. From here you can press mute on the chat for as long as you like – from eight hours to a full year!

Stop dirty images showing in your camera roll

Friends’ dirty jokes are often the funniest ones, but you cannot have just anybody seeing them pop up on your phone.
Go to Settings > Chats and then you can toggle (switch it on or off) the Save Incoming Media tab.

Save your data allowance from meme-spam

You can save data and space on your phone by setting images and videos to only download if you click; not automatically.
Got to Settings > Save to Camera Roll

Hide chats from prying eyes

Get privacy by hiding your message previews. This stops your lockscreen alerts showing the introduction to a message.
Go to Settings > Notifications > Show Preview, and your messages will be replaced by basic alerts.

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Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images.