Benefits of funeral cover

No one is ever ready for the death of a loved one, but for Josephina, losing her mother unexpectedly was devastating.

She was also stressed about the family’s financial affairs. ‘Mma was the breadwinner and paid for everything. I had just started working and the little savings I had was nowhere near enough to give Mma the funeral she deserved.’

Imagine her relief when she remembered her mother had an Ackermans Family Funeral policy. The policy provided funeral cover for her mother, as well as Josephina and her younger siblings. ‘That was Mma – she always put us first and never wanted us to be stressed about money.’

The policy paid out within 48 hours of my claim being approved, which meant they could start arranging the funeral without delay. ‘It helped so much. I could get Mma a decent casket, cater for family and friends and give her the dignified send-off she deserved.’

A funeral plan can never ease the pain of your loss, but it can help make the path ahead just that much easier. To find a plan that suits your needs and pocket, click here.

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Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images