Beautiful makeup looks for spring

From improving your highlighting game and owning bright lips to creating flirty eye makeup looks with bright eye shadows, here are tips for this spring’s makeup trends.  

Pink eye shadow 

This feminine colour looks beautiful on any skin tone. You can apply a little on the edge of your eyelids or you can go all out – try something different every time!
Tip: Most shades look stunning on a dark skin tone, so you lucky gals can easily pull of any shade of pink. If you have a medium skin tone, neutral pinks or a shade with a peachy undertone will work perfectly.

Source: Instagram, @mihlalii_n


Red lipstick

A timeless classic! And it’s just what you need to add a pop to your makeup look this season. Top vibrant red lipstick off with a touch of gloss for a #nextlevel pout!

Tips for red lipstick

  • Use a brush and apply concealer on the edges of your lips to keep them clean and crisp.
  • For fuller, redder lips, first apply a lip liner and then apply your red lipstick.

    Source: Instagram, @siyabunny

Glowy face

We all want radiant skin and the good news is you don’t need to have perfect skin to pull this natural, glowing look off! All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Prime.A primer helps fill in pores and fine lines to give you a smoother and even skin to work with when you start applying foundation.
  • Apply foundation; then concealer. Once you’ve applied your foundation, conceal under the eyes drawing a triangle. This will give your face a lift. Blend well with a brush or sponge.
  • Highlight.Apply it on top of the cheekbones, on the inner corner of the eyes, brow bone, and on the tip of the nose. This will instantly help you achieve that perfect glow. Blend well.

Lip balm & mascara 

This is the perfect combination for a simple, fresh makeup look. Mascara enhances your eyes and a lip balm will not only prevent chaffing but will also give your lips a natural-looking colour.

Source: Instagram, @qaanitaorrie

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 Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images, Shavan Rahim/NMP