Take the stress out of exams

It’s normal for your child to feel anxious around exam times. Here’s how to help:


Encourage them to draw up a study timetable and tick tasks off as they complete them. This will give them a sense of accomplishment which will increase their confidence.

Study previous papers

Ask their teacher for past exam papers or download worksheets from the internet.

Make space

Set up a special study area, for example a corner in a room. Clear the clutter from the space and make sure they are not interrupted while studying.

Take breaks

Regular, scheduled breaks are important. The brain can’t concentrate for longer than 40 minutes. Encourage them to study in one-hour bites broken up into 40 minutes of study, a 10-minute break and 10 minutes for revision.

Be their cheerleader

Studying is not always fun or easy, so praise them when they are working hard.

Be realistic

Do not pressurise or push them too hard.

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Images: IkamvaYouth.