What to do if your phone is stolen

Losing a phone and SIM card is such a hassle! Here’s how to minimise the damage.

There are a number of apps you can install on your phone to help you track it down if it has been lost or stolen. Find my iPhone and Google’s Find my Phone are good options.

Here’s help

If you aren’t able to recover your phone immediately, you should tell your network provider about your loss:

  • Cell C: 140 from Cell C numbers or 084140 from other cellphone networks.
  • MTN: 173 (pre-paid) or 808 (contract) from MTN numbers or 0831173 from a landline or other cellphone networks.
  • Vodacom: 111 from a Vodacom number or 082111 from a landline.


You will receive a reference number to prove that your cellphone has been blacklisted.

Also report the loss of your cellphone to your nearest police station by providing the reference number of your black-listed cellphone. The police will then register a case.

You should also let your bank know immediately that your device has been stolen in case the thieves use your online banking information to make purchases. Your bank will tell you what you need to do to reduce the risk of your account details being accessed.

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Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images.