Help your introverted child

When you’re little the world is often a scary place full of strangers. But for the parent it can be frustrating when your child keeps clinging to your leg at social events!

Here’s how you can help your shy child.

Join in

If your little one is standing on the sidelines and itching to join in the fun, teach him to take his cue from the others. Watch what they’re doing and think how he can fit in. If they really don’t want him to join in, explain that he can try again later.

Baby steps

If your child is reluctant to make friends
or try new things, don’t let him opt out. Keep encouraging him and let him make the approach at his own pace.

Manage situations

Introverted children are usually terrified of large groups. Arrive early at parties so that he can meet the birthday boy or girl one-on-one and then meet new guests as they arrive.

Plan the play date

Children get along better when they’re not competing. Make this happen by putting away favourite toys your child simply can’t share and electronic games where players fight each other.

Create a balance

Every child wants to be alone sometimes. Respect that.

The golden rule

Our mothers were right when they taught us to treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. If this is the only thing you teach your child about relationships, you will have achieved much.

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Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images.