1 pair of jeans – 3 different looks

Denim isn’t just for casual Fridays anymore. One of the best things about denim jeans is that with the right styling you can wear the exact same pair a few days in a row. Have a look at how you can style the same pair of jeans differently:

Off-the shoulder

An chic off-the-shoulder top always makes a statement. Pair it with our embellished jeans and block heel sandals.

Striped shirt

Striped shirts are on trend right now and so versatile. It looks great with skinny jeans. An embellished pair of skinnies like this one is flattering on anyone. Finish off the look with sneakers or sandals.

A classic white tee

Jeans and a white T-shirt are wardrobe staples for every girl. This combo is a go-to when you ‘have nothing to wear’. To add a chic and feminine touch to your look, go for a detailed white tee and pair it with your skinnies and flats.

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Photography: Shavan Rahim/NMP.