The move from cot to bed

Sometimes making the move from a cot to their big bed can be difficult for kids. We’ve gathered some expert advice to help make the transition much easier.


There’s no right time to replace your child’s cot with a bed, although most children make the switch sometime between ages 1½ and 3½.

Experts agree that it’s best to wait until your child is closer to three, since many little ones just aren’t ready to make the change.


Don’t rush right out and look for a new bed the day your toddler first climbs out of the cot. He might not be ready to move to a bed, and, chances are, it’s not be safe for him to be up and about alone during the night when everyone else is asleep.

Lower the cot mattress as far as possible, so the side rails are higher and more difficult to climb over.

Baby number two

If you’re expecting another baby, be sure to make the switch with your toddler at least six to eight weeks before you’re due. Keep in mind that he may feel possessive of his baby things, including his cot. Get him excited about having a ‘big-boy bed’ by taking him with you to collect it. Encourage him to show his new bed to friends and family.

Sweet dreams, little one!

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Photography: Casey Bertie. Grooming: Cheryl Parker/Supernova. Models: Olumiyelo/Kidz2000, Melokuhle/TOPCO.