Which handbag are you?

They say you can tell a lot about a person by how their nails and their shoes look, but did you know that your handbag speaks volumes too?

Find out which handbag best embodies your lifestyle and personality!

 The backpack


The backpack is great for girls on the move who love living life hands free but have a lot of stuff!

If a backpack is your bag of choice, you are forever young at heart, have a happy-go-lucky attitude to life and are organised.

Unless you really are a student, carrying a backpack may convey the message that you are a student of life and are always up to try new things.

The cross-body bag

 Cross-body bag

Cross-body bags come in lots of different styles and even though they’re small, they can have loads of personality. The carrier of this petite bag is often fashion forward and other women envy how she is able to keep fit everything in that tiny bag!

This bag screams minimalism. Women who carry this bag believe less is more and tend to go for classic pieces that they are able to dress up or down as needed. You don’t overcomplicate things and always state things as they are. Your family and friends know they can always count on you for an honest opinion.

The shopper bag

Shopper bag

If you meet up with friends for lunch, go to work, attend your church’s volunteer meeting and do your grocery shopping all in one day, then chances are you have a big handbag!

Your bag of tricks has everything from a phone and notebook, to a baby bottle, baby wipes and plasters! You truly have it all. You’re a nurturer and you like to look out for yourself but also for your loved ones. You are the one organising the food for the next stokvel meeting. Everyone knows they can count on you.

The drawstring bag

Drawstring bag

Women who carry drawstring bags cannot be tamed. You don’t live by the rules and walk to the beat of your own drum. You’re always ahead of the crowd and known and adored for your quirky, original style. You are also the life of the party and tell all your friends about the upcoming festivals, braais and get-togethers.

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