Urban Whimsy

Urban whimsy is all about having fun with fashion and creating chic, playful looks using details such as ruffles, florals and embroidery. It also involves mixing and matching colours, patterns and textures.
Have a look at these styling tips on how you can add playfulness to your day:


Ruffles add a feminine, playful touch to even the simplest of pieces. The beauty of ruffles is that they act as their own accessory, which means you can get away with keeping it plain and simple on that front. This is a staple for anyone wanting to turn a simple top into a fashion statement.

Pair your ruffle sleeve top with a pair of denim shorts or jeans. Add cute slip-ons or sneakers to finish off the look. For a more dressed-up feel just add a pair of heels.


Embroidery has made a major comeback. We’ve seen it everywhere from dresses to denim jeans, and even shoes. This detail has the ability to turn the most basic pieces into something special.
Mix a pair of distressed, embroidered jeans with a white ruffled top. The casual fabric of the top will tone down the roughly textured jeans, giving you a more feminine look. And remember that soft hues and whimsical details always make a great combination.


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