Buy on account – without your card

It is possible to buy on your Ackermans account if you don’t have your card with you.

All you need is to link it to the Ackermans App on your smartphone! Here’s how:

  1. Download the Ackermans App on your phone

It’s available on Android or iOs. The data to download our free App will cost you no more than 84 cents  (based on in-bundle rates).

If you already have the Ackermans App installed you must update it to the latest version.


2. Link your Ackermans card

  • Open the App and register yourself.
  • Click on ‘Profile’ and follow the prompts to link your existing Ackermans account card.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your password to keep your transactions safe. You’ll always have to enter your password when you want to do a cardless payment.


Ackermans App_link your card

Ackermans App_card barcode

3. Now you can:

  • Make cardless payments without having your card with you;
  • Use your smartphone to buy, when you forget your card;
  • Change your personal information;
  • Check your available balance, instalment amount and due date, outstanding balance, credit limit and your statement history showing your latest transactions.


Download the Ackermans App now.

Google Play App Store

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