Casual metallics

Metallics have made a great comeback and we’re loving it! They’re all you need to shine this season. Here are two ways you can add sparkle to your look.

Find the perfect metallic accessory

Bring a touch of urban glamour to your look with metallic accessories. They go with every outfit but they stand out even more when paired with neutrals.
The secret is to go for a metallic colour that suits your skin colour best. If you are dark skinned, go for gold tones. If you’re light skinned, silver will look good on you.
Tip Keep it simple – stick to one metallic colour in the same outfit.

Pair a metallic top with jeans

To add edge to your look, combine a metallic top with your favourite pair of ripped jeans and complete your outfit by adding a pair of ankle boots. This outfit combination is great for both everyday and night-out events.
You an also switch things up by going for a metallic pleated skirt. Pair it with a plain blouse, a black pleather jacket and ankle boots to achieve an edgy, yet chic look.

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