Lipstick for whiter-looking teeth

We all know makeup enhances your natural beauty but did you know that the right lipstick shade can make your teeth appear whiter? All it takes is a swipe of the right colour lipstick for a brighter smile!

Certain foods, such as wine and coffee, as well as smoking cause yellow-stained teeth. To hide this a bit, the magic lies in using cooler-toned lipsticks with purple or blue undertones. They can help balance out these yellow shades and make your teeth looking whiter.

Try these three lipstick shades:


Lipstick for whiter-looking teeth

A blue-toned lipstick provides the best whitening effect!

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Lipstick for whiter-looking teeth 

When it comes to pink lipsticks, the key is to look for those with bluer undertones rather than yellow.

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Lipstick for whiter-looking teeth

The secret is to go for brown shades rather than orange. They worked better than all the other neutrals when it comes to creating an illusion of whiter teeth.

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Images: Gallo Images/Getty Images. Stills photography: Shavan Rahim/NMP.