3 things you didn’t know about Leleti Khumalo

She’s a legendary actress and now also an executive producer, but Leleti Khumalo is truly down to earth. Here are a few things we discovered about this multi-talented woman.

She wanted to be a social worker.

‘Growing up, we had a social worker checking on us daily. She inspired me so much that I wanted to be just like her – to help people and to be a source of comfort.’

She has her own homemade soup for lunch on set.

‘I eat soup every day. I cook my own soup, usually cabbage or tomato, and take it to work. It helps keep me in shape – that and gym.

She’s not flashy and prefers the simple life.

‘I love simplicity and although wearing beautiful clothes is wonderful, I’m most comfortable in tracksuit pants. I do my own shopping – it’s relaxing!

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Photography: Bryan Powell. Styling: Leigh Vermaak. Hair & make-up: Kendyl McPherson. Location: Studio 031. Clothing: Zara.