How to get stains out of clothing – your tips!

We asked you for your stain-remover ideas and here are your clever tips.

How to remove stains

Maggz Dikela

Add a drop of Domestos to clean water. Use this solution to clean your counter tops or stains without soaking it. It always works – even for red wine stains.

Walesha Arthur van Schalkwyk

I make a paste of washing powder and dishwashing liquid and rub it on the stain. Works for oily stains.

Charlene Francke Banze

Rub in a little Handy Andy on oil stains. Leave to soak for five minutes and rinse with clean water.

Tasneem Cassim Maganlal

The best for any stain is bicarb with vinegar and lemon juice. Mix all three together in equal amounts, depending on the size of your stain. Pour the mixture on the stain and leave it overnight.

Lee Erasmus

I make a paste of bicarb and water and rub it on the stain. Then wash as normal. This also works well for the yellow stains under the arms of shirts.

Nicole Naicker

I use baby powder on oil stains. Just rub it on and wash off. Leave to dry in the sun.

Muslimah HP

If a piece of bubble-gum gets stuck on clothes, freeze the item. Then you can pull the frozen gum off.

Relesego Montshonyane

I use Sunlight’s green soap bar on every stain – grass, mud, tea, blood, juice, tomato sauce. Just soak clothes for 30 minutes to an hour, then wash.

Catt McCann

Steri Nappi for all white clothes and dish cloths. I soak them overnight and they look bright and new again.

Seipati Jautse

I rub some Maq washing powder on the stain, leave for 10 minutes, then place in water for five minutes and the stain is gone.

Esmari Jacobs

Immediately spray hairspray on a hair dye stain. Let it dry and wash in the machine.

Janine Brighton

Pour neat Dettol on any stain, leave for a while then wash as normal. It works for everything: blood, car grease, grass, mud – all gone!

Odwa Jikwa

Pour milk directly on a rust stain, leave for 20 minutes, wash with soap and rinse.


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