The dangers of ‘sharenting’

The modern-day phenomenon of over-sharing information about your child is so big it even has a name – it’s called sharenting. We all know someone who shares a lot about their child – you might even be that person!

According to a recent study in Korea, 81% of children under the age of 24 months already have an online footprint! This comes as no surprise as in the visual age we are living, love and affection are not only shown in real life but also digitally.

But have we taken it too far?

What are the dangers?

It is natural to be proud of your children and want to show them off, however with cyber bullies, paedophiles and child traffickers roaming the net, you need to be aware of what you post online.
Information put online can be used for identity fraud. Even if your children aren’t active on social media when they grow up, the information you post about them can be used used for fraudulent loans or credit card transactions or online shopping scams.

Here are some guidelines to consider before posting on Facebook:

• Do not post pictures of your child in school uniform. It is easy to figure out what school your child goes to, especially because your biography most likely states what area you live in.
• Change your settings so only your friends can see your posts and do not accept friend requests from people you do not know.
• Do not post any personal information about your child including hospital of birth and birth certificate.
• Do not share your live location or addresses of places you visit regularly with your child, such as malls, restaurants, or the local park.

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