Make the most of your WhatsApp voice calls

What’s not to love? WhatsApp Calling lets you call your contacts using WhatsApp, even if they’re in another country!

WhatsApp Calling uses your phone’s internet connection instead of your cellular plan’s voice minutes. This means, if you are connected to Wi-Fi, to call is for free. Otherwise you might have to pay data charges for that call.

To make a WhatsApp call, open the chat with the person you want to call and tap the phone button on top.

When someone calls you, you will see an incoming WhatsApp call screen. You can tap and slide the green button to answer the call, or slide the red button if you don’t want to answer. You can also tap the message icon on your cellphone screen to decline the call with a quick message.

To switch a call to a video call, you and your contact need to be on a voice call first. If you tap the video call button, your friend will see your request to switch to a video call. As soon as they accept, the call will be switched to a video call and you’ll be able to see each other.

WhatsApp call_body image

WhatsApp video call screen



To switch back to a voice call, you and your friend should be on a video call. If you tap the button to turn the video off, your friend will be notified. Once your friend turns their video off, their call will be switched back to a voice call.

The quality of your video call will depend on the strength of your internet connection. If you’re are connected to Wi-Fi, the wireless network signal and data speed will determine the quality of your video call.

Currently, WhatsApp Calling is available on Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

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