Tools of the trade – manicure set

Tools of the trade – manicure set

From the left:

A This nail clipper is designed to not split or crack the nail. Prefect for fingernails.

B Cuticle scissors. Use these to take care of hangnails and frayed skin around the nail, and for cuticle trimming.

C Classic nail clippers, works well on both finger- and toenails.

D Cuticle cutter. Use the back of this tool to push back your cuticles and the front end to cut them. Gently run the V-shape blade alone your cuticle line to neaten and trim.

E Tweezers are essential to every lady’s beauty regime – great for stray hairs, splinters and finer detail when you do nail art.

F Nail file. Metal nail files are extra durable and the file grit is perfect for nail shortening and taking care of rough edges.

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