Tools of the trade – make-up brushes

Here’s your go-to guide on what the different make-up brushes are for.

From the left:

A This is your classic eyeshadow applicator with an extended handle for easier use. Use this to apply eyeshadow on your lid.

B Angled eyeshadow brush. Once you’ve applied your various eyeshadow colours, use this brush to blend.

C Eyeshadow precision brush. This brush is used for the finer details, like creating a solid line above or below your lash line.

D Powder brush. For applying foundation or highlight and contouring powders.

E Concealer or foundation brush. For easy application on delicate areas, like under the eyes, or when framing your brows with foundation or concealers.

PRO TIP Use this brush with a little foundation to help neaten up or fix eyeshadow mistakes without having to start over again.

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