Lux layers

Layers are a great way to get creative with your outfit, but piling on without looking bulky can be a challenge. You must layer strategically. If you get it right, you will look effortlessly chic.

Master winter layering with these four tips:

1 Keep your prints as minimal as possible

If you’re going for prints, stick to neutral tones. Colours such as khaki, grey and black always work well together. Also remember that when it comes to matching with prints, it’s best to have only one busy pattern. Keep the rest plain.

2 Accessorise with a scarf

A scarf is not only a simple layering piece, but also a great way to glam up a plain outfit. If you’re not a fan of too much layering, just add a scarf in a contrasting colour to your outfit.

3 Mix textures

Add edge to your outfit by mixing different textures. Try sticking to similar colours or ones that look good together. Tip Don’t mix more than three textures. You’re already making a bold fashion, so don’t overdo it!

4 Top it off with a coat

It’s amazing what a difference a trench coat can make. Toss it over a tunic with stockings or tights underneath and ankle boots or pumps for a polished look. Tip Always layer your outfits starting with slimfit pieces that show off your figure and finish off with bulky pieces.

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