Family nights in

6 family activities for winter nights

1 Onesies game night costume
Host a fun onesie game night where everyone is required to come dressed in their onesies. You’ll definitely have an amazing time because onesies are super-comfy and cosy. Plus, when you’re at home, no one cares what you look like so you can completely relax and be yourself! You can shop them right here

2 Creative cooking
Decide on an easy recipe where all family members can participate in the cooking. You can even have a theme night. Cooking as a family also gives you the perfect opportunity to teach your kids some kitchen skills.

3 Camping indoors
You might not get much sleep, but you’ll make a lot of fun memories! Bring out the blankets or mattresses and set them up in the living area. Have some snacks, play a few card games and tell or read some stories.

4 Movie night
Movie nights are a great way to have family fun without breaking the bank. Pull out the DVDs and watch a family-friendly movie. To make things more entertaining you can give it a theme and have your family dress up according to the movie you’ll be watching.

5 Board games
A good old-fashioned game night is always fun. You get together with family and laugh the night away, and you don’t even have to spend a cent! Pictionary, Monopoly and 30 Seconds are great fun and playing as a family will help the younger ones learn a lot and still feel part of the fun.

6 Family-photo bingo
This photo game will help improve your children’s memory and help them learn who’s who in your family tree. Here’s how you play it:
• Take nine family photos and arrange them into rows of three.
• Write each family member’s name on a piece of paper. Cut into pieces, fold and put them into a bowl.
• Put nine playing cards to serve as bingo chips on the table.
• Now each player has a turn pulling a name out of the bowl. Let the youngest member of your family put one of the playing cards over the photo of name that was drawn.
• Whoever pulls the final name resulting in a three-in-a-row ‘bingo’, wins.


Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images